My Favourite Photography Resources

This list is comprised of different resources that I have found insanely helpful over the past couple of years. Be it figuring out what lens to buy next or how to make your photo look kick-ass, these are some places to help you get on your way

Let's get started:

1. Strobist

Strobist is written by the photographer David Hobby and is a fantastic blog to follow. The idea behind Strobist is to teach photographers how to take their flash unit off the camera and use it in a way that will add more to your photograph. There are so many resources on this blog and most of them are free like Lighting 101, 102, and 103.

2. SLR Lounge

I’ve mentioned SLR Lounge in a previous post regarding a great place to start out. Their tutorials and products are amazing. They cover everything from the basics of setting up your camera to more complicated things like shooting a wedding. This team covers a lot of ground and they do it well. They have a site, but I've found their YouTube page to be most helpful for me.

3. FStoppers

I friggin' love the FStoppers Blog. The DIY, Education, and Business sections are some of my favourites to go through. FStoppers follows a similar format to the other links in this post, however they also show the business side of photography. The articles written here will benefit you in more ways than one. 

4. 500px ISO

If you're looking for inspiration, go to 500px ISO and set up an account. This site is home to a massive community working with each other, giving feedback, writing articles, and sharing work. From the beginner to the pro there is something for everyone on this site. 

5. PHLearn

If you want to learn Photoshop, then PHLearn is the place for you. It takes away the pain of banging your head against the wall and replaces it with happy thoughts as you tackle your next project. The team at PHLearn kick some serious ass when it comes to their content and pretty much cover anything you could think of. 

6. Ken Rockwell

The Ken Rockwell blog is the first place I go anytime I am researching a new lens/camera. The thing I love about this is site how detailed the reviews of the products, I always come out with a clearer picture of what I am looking for. 

7. Google & YouTube

Last but not least is a general search. There are so many different resources out there for photographers and places like Google and YouTube are there to help. All you have to do is click. 

There are thousands of resources out there for you to check out. These are a few of my favourites that I have found to be quite helpful, especially when I was starting out, and are still some of my favourites to use today. 

Good hunting, people!