5 Great Places to Shoot in Kingston, ON.

Now that you have your camera, the world is at your doorstep. You ask yourself "Where should I go?". 

Well Timmy, I put a list together for you with that question in mind. 

Each location listed here is a great area within Kingston, ON to practice different styles of photography. I've also listed a few things I consider the pros and cons of each spot.

Let's begin, shall we?

1. Grand Theatre Stage Door (Alley)

The Grand theatre is a pretty cool place by itself but if you go around back and through the alley leading to the "Stage Door" you are met with a graffiti jungle mixed with a scene from a post apocalyptic movie. A secluded piece of paradise.

Style of Photography: Depth of Field practice, Portrait, Street, a dash of Architecture.


  • Not a lot of people back there
  • Odd angles to play around with
  • Lots of light
  • Cool graffiti


  • Faint smell of pee
  • Possibility of meeting Drifter Jim who will try and sell you things. Just walk away and say, "Not today, Drifter Jim... Not today."

2. Queen's Campus - Theological Hall

I know Queen's Campus is a broad area to cover and that's why I say start at Theological Hall. It has quite a bit to offer within a 5 minute walk. You have the courthouse around the corner, a couple of little parks, the soccer field, and little paths that take you throughout the buildings. Different styles of light follow you everywhere you go allowing you to practice.

Style of Photography:  Portrait, Street, Stylised Architecture 


  • Lot's of trees to provide shade when shooting midday
  • Mix of people from the University and Hospital
  • Different paths throughtout the campus


  • Potential for a lot of people to be walking around
  • Construction

3. The Docks - Confederation Basin Marina

If you get a chance, make your way down to this spot. It's a great place to practice your odd angles. I find that this location forces you to keep your eyes open constantly trying to find your next shot. Sometimes you have to wait awhile, which allows you to practice the age old philosophy of patience.

Style of Photography:  Portrait, Street, Long Exposure 


  • Something always seems to be happening
  • People watching
  • Some wildlife
  • Water makes for some cool shots


  • BIrd Poop
  • Water can swallow whatever is in your pockets if you're not careful
  • Parking can be annoying (just walk)

4. Rochleau Court 

Located between The Toucan Pub and Modern Primitive, this little gem is a great area to walk through. You can bypass crowds and the weather while still getting in some sweet sweet time with your camera. I often find myself going through here, as the place offers new ideas each time you return. 

Style of Photography: Portrait, Street, Nature


  • Bypass crowds and weather
  • Small amount of people
  • Different paths to follow
  • Historical feeling


  • Sometimes it smells like garbage

5. Lemoine Point Conservation Area

Do ya like nature, how about wildlife? Well Lemoine Point has all of that! My girlfriend introduced me to this place by saying, "You might see a deer, if you come", and being a city boy that's a rare thing. So I grabbed my camera and went for a walk down one of the trails. I did not see one deer. I saw ten! Needless to say I was a happy man that day. 

Style of Photography: Portrait, Nature, Wildlife


  • Wildlife!
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Fresh Air
  • Wind in your hair
  • If you bring bird seed you feel like you're in a Disney movie 


  • Poop... you might step in poop
  • Few bathrooms

These are 5 of my favourite places to shoot in Kingston, and also just to visit. I hope they offer you inspiration to get out there with your camera and practice. 

If you do end up checking out these spots and take some pictures, post them to the Outcast Entertainment Facebook Page. I'd love to check them out. 

Now, go tell a story.